The Hope Project

I collected qualitative and quantitative data on a hope enhancement workshop in Israel to inform the design of an app aiming to increase hope in seriously ill patients. 

Project Date

February - June 2016


The Center for Advanced Hindsight

How can we design an app that increases hope in seriously ill patients? In an international research collaboration with Duke University, the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Tel Aviv University and Life's Door, an end-of-life care nonprofit, we set out to create a digital intervention for breast cancer patients. 


First, we had the Hope Retreat.  

I attended a 2-day brainstorming retreat at the Center for Advanced Hindsight with a consortium of researchers from around the world to discuss theories of how to increase hope in seriously ill patients. We decided to explore turning these theories of hope into actionable interventions through an app to disseminate across hospitals in a research project. To help facilitate the discussion, I sketched wireframes of peoples' app ideas on the spot. 



I ran a field test on decision measures. 

I selected and presented a list of potential decision making scales to the project leads. We needed to decide which measures were optimal for use in seriously ill patients, so I ran a field test to find the average time it took to take each decision making scale. 


I travelled to Israel to observe a hope enhancement workshop.

I collected qualitative and quantitative data on a hope enhancement workshop run by Life's Door, our main partner and end-of-life care non-profit in Jerusalem. I administered one of the scales decided from the field test to take pre-post measurements and conducted a preliminary analysis. I collected participants' feedback to inform the design of the Hope App, which we later decided to pilot as a physical Hope Diary.

The hope intervention is meant to be part of a research experiment for breast cancer patients. I proposed a first draft of the research intevention design. Researchers are now working on finalizing and launching the study across Tel Aviv as a starting point.