UX Diary Study

I collected longitudinal qualitative and quantitative data to discover pain points in the first week experience of Fabulous.

Project Date

June - August 2017


The Fabulous

(The Fabulous is a 2016 Material Design Award-winning, Google Play Editor's Choice app that has won consecutive top chart listings.

´╗┐The Fabulous helps millions of users build healthy habits and routines in their lives using behavioral economic principles. We wanted to find out where users were feeling the largest pain points in their journey to inform interventions to increase retention. In other words, what are the pain points that are causing people to abandon the app? I conducted a week-long diary study to find out. 



I recruited over 70 potential participants and selected 4 based on specified criteria that included but was not limited to level of expressiveness in writing. 




Research Design & Methodology

I developed a process to collect qualitative and quantitative data from the selected 4 users that included survey responses, visual recordings and verbal feedback. 



I delivered an interactive database of observations and feedback that can answer the following questions and more: 

1) What type of friction did users experience most on Day X? Overall? 

2) What were the most common friction points on Day X? Overall?

3) On which screens of the app did people experience the most friction points? By type of friction? 

4) What suggestions did people have for each screen? For each friction type? 



Each piece of feedback and observation is matched with a category description, the day it occurred in the userflow as well as associated screenshots and a link going directly to the moment at hand. The database can be organized by day, type of friction, and type of feedback. The frequencies of each feedback type can be used to determine the severity of the friction point. 

I synthesized the findings to target the main pain points in the user journey and recommended design interventions.